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Sauce maker intake form

Saucemaker Consideration Questionnaire

We spent years creating the most logical platform for saucemakers like yourself to gain the exposure and visibility you so richly deserve. We ask that you please just dedicate a moment to answer a quick 24 question survey so we may properly consider helping your brand. Thank you!

  • We typically only sample ONE sauce at a time, per brand, as to be fair to as many makers as possible.
  • There are 14 slots at our tasting bar and we plan on changing sauces quarterly.
  • We pride ourselves on being the exclusive seller of the sauces we carry.
  • We do not charge for shelf space, unlike grocery stores.
  • We care far more about exquisite flavor concoctions than heat since we want to avoid exhausting our customers’ palates!
  • Must carry an insurance policy with minimums of- $1M personal/$2M aggregate.
  • Must offer kitchen service quantities (64 or 128oz)
  • Must have nutritional labeling, or proof of Small Bottlers Exemption.
  • Must be willing to give territorial exclusivity for a period of 90 days within Austin city limits
  • Must be a (low-grade heat) pepper sauce, BBQ sauce, or salsa.

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