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Submit A Sauce

Think of us as your brand new, brand ambassador!

If you make an outstanding, crazy flavorful salsa, (mild to medium heat) pepper sauce, or BBQ sauce, we want to hear from you! At Sauce Odyssey, we are always on the hunt for saucemakers concocting special things. We love seeing brands with excellent products succeed, which is why we built our platform to get your sauce on as many tongues as possible!

The Sauce Odyssey experience

This platform was tailor-made for YOU!

Sauce Odyssey is a completely unique restaurant & retail concept that is building its foundation around emerging and aspiring producers just like you. Rather than getting lost among hundreds (or even thousands!) of products on grocery store shelves, you could be among an elite and intimate lineup of just 14 rotating sauce suppliers featured at our sauce tasting bar. To us, it is the “up and comers” who make the exciting journey into flavor paradise, known as Sauce Odyssey, so special.

We’ll be sampling your product & sharing your story every moment that we’re open at our highly interactive sauce tasting bar. We’re committed to giving you the spotlight & the chance to drive significant sales in the Austin (and furthermore, Texas) marketplace.

Read on to see if your company would be a good fit for the Sauce Odyssey experience.

Unique, High Quality & Flavor-Forward

  • It has to be different and exquisite! We’re looking for products that are differentiated through quality ingredients & innovative flavor profiles.
  • Your product(s) must be manufactured by a co-packer, or in a certified commercial kitchen. We cannot accept products manufactured under cottage law.
  • **Mild to medium heat levels only.** We are more interested in well-balanced sauces with a little kick than overpowering heat that numbs the senses. If yours is more about the kick, this might not be the opportunity for you.
  • Products should be available in BOTH retail & food service packaging; for retail sales & replenishment of the tasting bar.
  • No high-fructose corn syrup, please!
  • We require full transparency of all ingredients used.
  • Products must be shelf-stable. Unfortunately, we’re not able to receive and store any products that require refrigeration.
  • Suppliers will need to supply all relevant certifications to support any allergen, organic or certifiable product quality claims.
  • Completed shelf-life analysis and nutritional information should be available for all products unless you qualify for a small bottlers exemption. Proof of either must be furnished.


We think our suppliers are so special we want them all to ourselves!

If selected to be a part of Sauce Odyssey we will ask that you offer us 90-day territorial exclusivity (within a 30-mile radius of downtown Austin) for the product we’ve selected.

If you’re from out of town, we’re excited to help you build your brand in Austin. We’ll be fully supporting you as part of Sauce Odyssey & want to be the focal point of your launch in the Austin market.

If you’re local, we ask that you’re able to offer Sauce Odyssey a product that is unique and not found on any other retail shelves in the area.

We want to develop exclusive & exciting partnerships that will make your presence at Sauce Odyssey truly special. Instead of only reaching a handful of new customers during a demo in a store, we’ll be constantly sampling your product, sharing your story with our guests and showing people why we are so excited about what you make. That’s a lot of love!

Suppliers will be encouraged to further collaborate with us for cooking demonstrations, special samplings, and events to drive sales. We also feature your photos, marketing materials and other tools to tell your story & share your product with our guests.

We want you to shine as part of Sauce Odyssey!

Further Requirements

Potential suppliers must:

  • Carry at least $1,000,000 in product liability insurance.
  • Able to produce a minimum of 500 units during the 90-day exclusivity period.
  • Able to ship product within a 4-5 day turnaround once an order is received.
  • Able to provide a delivered cost of no more than $4.50 per unit, inclusive of delivery cost.